Relay Solutions for Automotive Industry

YongNeng is one of the main suppliers of new energy auto relays. Our solutions are widely used in fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles, new energy vehicles, charging stations, charging piles, vehicle signal control systems, high-capacity control boxes and other scenarios. We're suppling for brands such as SCHNEIDER, BYD, EAST, INVENTRONICS, TONHE in this industry.

Charging pile

Our relays can provide product solutions for DC charging piles and AC charging piles.
DC charging pile is the abbreviation of DC charging pile for new energy vehicles, which is also generally called "fast charging". It is generally connected to the AC power grid and can be used as a power supplement for off-board electric vehicles. It is a power control device for DC operating power supply that can provide sufficient power. The output voltage and current can be continuously adjusted, effectively achieving fast charging requirements. Common DC charging piles include integrated, split, and overhead types, with output power ranging from 30kW to 180kW. The output modes include single gun output, double gun wheel charging output, double gun power distribution output, etc. DC charging piles have faster charging speeds and shorter charging times, which better meet the temporary and emergency charging needs of electric vehicle users.

Relays are commonly used in six parts: AC safety disconnection, DC discharge circuit, power shortage protection, connection detection, ground fault detection, signal connection, and DC safety disconnection.

The power shortage protection mechanism of charging piles is particularly important. The so-called "power shortage protection" means that once the power supply speed exceeds a certain threshold, the charging pile will automatically cut off the power supply to avoid possible damage to equipment or electric vehicles due to insufficient power. In addition, it can also effectively prevent excessive voltage in the circuit. When the charging circuit voltage exceeds the allowable range due to some reasons (such as power quality degradation), the charging pile will respond immediately and disconnect the circuit to protect the equipment.

There are other measures that can also be used to protect charging pile equipment from power shortage. For example, electromagnetic relays and overload protectors can effectively prevent damage to charging pile equipment caused by electrical faults such as overload.

By improving the technical level of our products, including the application of new materials and new technologies, we have achieved smaller size and higher performance relays to meet the market demand for miniaturization of charging pile design.
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